2009: MFA Painting Studio, Concordia University, Montreal.

2005: Piet Zwart Academy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

2004: BFA, with Honours, (Drawing & Painting),

Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto.




Apr. 2016: “Underground Horizons”, Galerie d’Art d’Outremont, Montreal.

Apr. 2013: Winsor Gallery, Vancouver.

Feb. 2011: “Tales from the Outskirts”, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver.

Dec. 2009: “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Trolls”, Galerie Push, Montreal.

Mar. 2006: Levine Gallery, Los Angeles, USA.



Apr. 2017: “Real, Surreal, Hyperreal”, Galerie Kremers, Berlin

Aug. 2016: “Mixed Grill”, Galerie Robert Poulin, Montreal.

Oct. 2015: “Kunst Boulevard”, Schwartsche Villa, Berlin.

Jul. 2015: “30 Days Around The World”, Ballery, Berlin.

Feb. 2015: “Art et Narration”, Galerie Dominique Bouffard, Montreal.

Jul. 2014: “Peinture Fraiche et Nouvelle Construction”, Art Mur, Montreal.

May 2014: “Plaskett Award Anniversary”, Equinox Gallery, Vancouver.

Apr. 2014: “Concurrent 20/20”, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver.

Oct. 2011: Studio Baustelle, Berlin.

Dec. 2010: “Objets Secrets de l’Ateliers”, Maison de la Culture Ahuntsic,                                            Montreal.

Nov. 2010: “Ausserdem”, Rooftops Studios, Berlin, Germany.

May 2010: “Objets Secrets de l’Ateliers”, Maison de la Culture Cote-des-Neiges,                          Montreal.

Aug. 2009: Winsor Gallery, Vancouver.

Jun. 2009: “7 by 7”, Stride Gallery, Calgary.

Mar. 2009: “Time Off”, Art Mur Gallery, Montreal.

Feb. 2009: “Landscapes”, FOFA Gallery, Montreal.

Sep. 2008: “Tout Ce Que Vous Avez Toujours Voulu”, Galerie Push, Montreal.

Jul.  2008:  “Peinture Fraiche”, Art Mur Gallery, Montreal.

Apr. 2008: “STRATA”, Concordia MFA Show, Montreal.

Aug. 2006: Ashley Gallery, Philadelphia, USA.

Sep. 2005: “Collective Metropolis”, Toronto.




ColArt Collection, Montreal.



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2015: Canada Arts Council Project Grant.

2013: Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award.

2011: Canada Arts Council Project Grant.

2010: Toronto Arts Council Emerging Artist Award.

2009: Joseph Plaskett Foundation Award.

Ontario Arts Council Emerging Artist Award.

Concordia University Winsor Award.

Concordia University Travel Fund.

2007: Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award.

Hitting the High Notes Fellowship (Concordia University)

Omer DeSerres Graduate Award (Concordia University)

2005: Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award.

2004: David L. Stevenson Scholarship.

2002: Aba Bayefsky Award.

2001: Josephine M. Harper Award.